Our services include, but are not limited to:
Tuckpointing:  Your existing or missing Tuckpointing is raked out to approx 20mm or as deep as the joint is wide. Then washed down to remove all dust.
The Stopping (backing) a self coloured mortar is then placed in the raked joint and flushed up and then scribed to ensure straight lines.
Then a white line is then superimposed onto the backing and then cut to a uniform width.

Repointing: Your missing or weathered joints in between your brickwork are raked and then pointed in with our mix of mortor in your choice of colour and your finish, eg Flush Joint, Bucket Handle, Recessed or Weather Struck.

Stone Repointing: Your missing or weathered joints in between your Stone Work are raked or hacked out and then pointed in with our mix of mortor in your choice of colour and cut to form squared up joints.

Brickwork:   We can pull down and re-build your existing damaged walls, fences or any kind of structure made of bricks.

Air vent installation: Replacement of danaged or weathered Air Vents or the instilation of more, where we cut out the needed number of brickd needed to install the new vent to achieve sufficient Ventilation of the sub floor region. It is important to do so to remove or prevent the build up of damp, mould and fungi.

Repairing cracked brickwork:  Where there is a crack or cracks on your brickwork, we rake out the joint and point it in with a matched coloured mortar so the crack can no longer be noticed and is now stronger.

Fretting bricks replaced: Where ever there is a weathered or damaged brick, we can cut it out and replace it.

Replacement of archbars: Door ways, windows and garages sometimes have a metal or concrete lintel to support the brickwork above. Over time they show signs of rust, corrosion and movement in the brickwork and need to be replaced so we cut then out and replace them with heavy duty galvanised, stainless steel or precast concrete depending on the circumstances.

Chimney repairs:  Depending on the condition of your chimney, we can either repoint the missing or weathered joints or if its too damaged we can pull it down and re-build it.

Colouring brickwork: Bricks that are discoloured or where brickwork has been added and you couldnt get a correct colour match, we can colour them with a tinted stain to achieve a colour so that the brick or brickwork now matches.

Covering paint drips:  Where your house has been painted multiple times the painters tend to get paint on your brickwork, older homes would have been painted in a lead based paint, you cannot use any type of paint remover as your bricks ack like sponges absorbing and spreading the paint if attempted. We use a polymer based substance which we tint to suit the brickwork colour and cover the paint drips.

Replacing of Damp Proof Course:  Some older brick homes may have been built with no damp proof course or The damp proof course may have failed due to incorrect installation, ageing or use of incorrect or sub-standard materials. The replacement involves cutting out a mortar joint and inserting an appropriate damp proof cource material such as bituminised felt or heavy duty plastic sheeting.

Salt removal:  If you have a white substance emerging out of your bricks or joints, it is most likely efflorescence (salt crystals). We can treat your brickwork to remove and stop this problem.